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"Our company is really thankful to Tuccimar, the service was fast it did not hamper our operations, we would hire their services again"

Shane W.

 "My friend recommended them to me. I had no problems with the rate and the service. Their workers are really good in what they do" 

Hans M.

"Surprisingly none of our co-renters complained because Tuccimar did not give any hassle to them. There are no messy debris hanging around after they cleaned up our space post service. I will call them again for our future plans." 

Louise S.

"The workers were very polite and I did not have a hard time contacting them. The experience was pleasant. They do the Works neatly and I can say that their equipments are working really well. I have referred them to my friends." 

John L

"We did not know anything about demolition processes, It is a great thing that Tuccimar is there to help us. We thought it would be expensive but we were wrong Tuccimar is offering affordable services" 

Mark K

"I am glad I was able to meet with the Tuccimar Team. Their service was perfect from start to finish"

Ralph L.

"Our  old house's renovation was easier to manage because the  team of Tuccimar did a good job in breaking down our old rooms without harming anyone " 

Gain C.

"I have no idea about  process but Tuccimar made sure I was informed in everything they do with my small store."

Julie M

"The amount of work we needed was extensive, we needed some things done on our external building and also inside our office floor as well, I am glad that Tuccimar 's customer service staff was  an expert in the business. I explained only once, they got my point in an instant. Good luck to you and more business to come" 

Stephen C

Michael D

"We were looking for services in the area. We compared different companies but Tuccimar gave the best price and inclusions. We have no complaints. We are satisfied customers." 

Robert O.

"Tuccimar's team are experts and they are very sociable. Everytime I have questions they would reply fast. Their rate is better than other  services." 

"I wanted to remove boulders of rocks from my mother's property but it was nearly  impossible. I contacted Tuccimar to remove them for me . I must say that I am satisfied with the result." 

Christian B.

Jim M.

"The rock removal services they provided our resort was superb. They cleaned up very well after the removal process"

Sherine A.

"No hitches. The price they offer for drilling is so much better than other  firms. Our building administrator love their team because they are very accomodating " 

"The rock removal services they provided our resort was superb. They cleaned up very well after the removal process"

Jim M.

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